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Pumpkin Puree Recipe Is Time Consuming

First of all, there was no way these pumpkins were still going to be any good. It was already way past Halloween, and almost Thanksgiving. They had been sitting on the floor for a good month or so.  Cheryl kep telling me to make a pumpkin pie, but I didn't relish the idea of all that work.  I finally caved in and decided to get started. I had to do some research first. That's when I found out about something called "Pumpkin Puree". As it turns out, you need pumpkin puree to make pumpkin pie. So I Googled pumpkin puree, and found out how somebody else had destroyed their kitchen making it. I decided to just let them sit and maybe they would go away.  That didn't happen.

Another Week Passes And The Pumpkins Haven't Gone Away

I thought maybe if i gave it another week they would rot, mold, or do whatever it is that pumpkins do when they go rogue.  But apparently they are the main ingredient in Plutonium. They have a half live of a couple years. So I rolled up my sleeves and dived in.

How Long This Will Take

From Start to Finish was about... 8 hours. Yes, That's right. You heard me. It wound up being an all day affair. Probably because I used the worse kinds of pumpkins to puree, the jack-o-lantern size. And partly because it was college football season. Many of my recipes use the "I'll do that at halftime" cooking technique. That's why you won't see a 'cook at 350 degrees for 10 minutes' on most of them.  You're more apt to see a 'do this during the commercial break' as a timing reference.

The StanBush Version Of A Pumpkin Puree Recipe

So rather than bore you with a bunch of paragraphs about how to do this, let me cut to the chase.
  • Step 1 - set the over at 350
  • Step 2 - cut the pumpkins in half
  • Step 3 - dig out all the seedsf. (Don't try to get all the 'stringy stuff' or you'll be there forever.)
  • Step 4 - cut the halves down to sizes that will fit on your sheet or over pan. 
  • Step 5 - put the pieces in the oven and cook them until they are tender.  This will probably be at least a good half of football. If you plan it that way, you can get most of the busy work done at half. 
  • Step 6 - when the pumpkin is tender enough, scoop out all it's insides into a bowl
  • Step 7 - put the stuff you scooped out into a food processor, blender or any thing you use to stir and chop things. 
  • Step 8 - blend it until it's really smooth, creamy and has no chunks. If you time this correctly, you can do this when your wife turns to the "Lifetime' or "Oxygen' channel and she'll simply find something else to do. This leaves the TV open for more football. 
  • Step 9 - put the blended stuff into containers and freeze. It will last about 6 months.  In the fridge you can count on a couple of weeks. If you open it and it smells bad... throw it away. 

That's It - That's The Whole Recipe

Yep. There's really nothing to this. Cook the stuff, blend it up, and store it for later.  I've given some pictures I took of my work, but if you have to look at them to figure it out... you probably don't want your head anywhere near a hot or sharp object. 

So What Do You Do With Pumpkin Puree?

Yeah. I know. It doesn't sound like you'd get that much use out of it does it. Well just wait. I've made some of the best stuff I've ever tasted using this puree.  I'll try to link to it but in case I don't, just look under deserts, or pumpkin on this site.

About Potato Chip Sandwich

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