Friday, November 15, 2013

Yes Virginia, There Really Is A Watermelon Tree

Ok. Really it's just a myth.
A trick. A hoe - axe as we call in the south. Most of all though, it's just fun. Keep reading to find out how to grow one yourself.

How To Grow A Watermelon Tree 

It's really pretty simple. If you can get a watermelon plant to grow inside a five gallon bucket of dirt, you can do this. Here are the steps for the ladies who want to try this. Guys...ya'll got this.
  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of a five gallon bucket. That's for drainage. You can put wire mesh on the bottom if you want to. You can set it up on bricks if you want to. It doesn't matter. Plants grow when you love them. If you don't, they die. 
  2. Fill a Five Gallon Bucket with good dirt.  Whether that's store bought or not makes no difference. Just make sure it's got enough minerals to grow the plant. 
  3. Don't plant from seeds if you aren't good at gardening. Go to the store and spend the whopping Two bucks it's going to cost to buy watermelon plants that are already growing.   Transplant them in the bucket. 
  4. Set the bucket next to a fence, tree or both.
  5. Water it everyday.  Do it twice if you want to. About a gallon of water should be enough, but that depends on how hot it is. 
  6. As the plant grows, train it to grow up the tree or along the fence using nails as anchors. Just lay the plant across the nails, it will know what to do. 
  7. Wait until the fruit appears and then start training that area of the plant to a place where you can put something up to support the plant.  I'm going to try netting and panty hose on mine. 
  8. When the fruit is big enough, I'll put it inside the pantyhose and nail the panty hose to the fence or tree.
  9. Keep a good eye on the fruit, to make sure it doesn't get too big or tight for the panty hose, or roll off the shelf if that's how you built it. .
  10. Enjoy the results. 
Below is a picture of a watermelon being grown in a similar way. 

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