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Thursday, August 21, 2014

North End Italian Cookbook Cold Stuffed Eggplant

The North End Italian Cookbook - famous Italian recipes

Eggplant Is Great!

I like eggplant. In fact, I'm growing them in my garden right now.  So when the recipe called for Cold Stuffed Eggplant, I was an easy sale.  The 'cold' part didn't sound that good though.  I thought it was some sort of refrigerated salad thing. But it wasn't. It was clearly a stuffed eggplant, cooked in the oven, and involving meat. 

What About Difficulty

It wasn't the easiest dish I've ever made. And it certainly wasn't the hardest. But it was definitely one of the best.  I'll make this recipe again, soon. I would probably go to someones house and make it for them if they bought the stuff. It really is that good. 

North End Cookbook

My wife's family is Italian. So is this cookbook. It was given to her by Nonni, her mother. It is a well known cookbook. You can still find it on Amazon . It's author Marguerite DiMino Buonopane is well known for her recipes. They are authentic Italian Cuisine. Use any of the links above to read about her.  I like Italian food. I especially like Nonni's Italian food. So I thought I'd make every dish in this cookbook.  I do 'vary' the recipe based on the ingredients on hand, and personal preference. Nonetheless, you can find it below.