About PCS

In a nutshell. I work on computers, have four kids, a wife that loves me, and I cook alot.

But Enough About Me - What About This Site?

Let me say it again. I cook a lot. I enjoy it. I don't cook much using exact measurements. You can say what you want, but people eat food that tastes good to them. So my style of cooking is about the finished product.  If a recipe calls for vinegar, and I don't think it will taste good... I simply don't add it.  I might have it on the side just so I can test it though. 

How Do My Recipes Work

Gather all the ingredients. Add them to the recipe in whatever order the directions say, and cook it as close to the way the directions describe as possible.   Then taste it.  If it needs something...add it.  I don't have any recipe police that's going to come by and pick you up. 

What's Up With The Lunchboxes

I get so busy that sometimes I don't post a recipe. When I say busy, I mean with life. Making my wife's lunchbox is one of those 'life' things. I want to make sure that she has a good lunch. I think that's the least I can do for her. I decided that it would be fun to add them to the site. Who knows, it might inspire someone else to do the same. They lunch boxes are pretty awesome when you look at them. 

Why This Site Is Here

Because I like to write. I like to cook. I like to take pictures of food I'm preparing or eating, and sharing it with my friends.  But I also like to keep some sort of recipe book that tells me 'kinda sorta' how I made something.  Thats' what this does. 

It's Also Very Connected

In terms of the way this site is connected to the rest of the Google Sphere, it's pretty solid. That doesn't mean it's going to be on the first page of anything. That's not what it's purpose is.  But it does mean if you search for  things that are on it, they usually come up.. I can post to it from my phone, from any computer, and even a copy machine if it's connected to the Internet.

Where Did The Site Get It's Name?

A friend of mine (Richard Hufnagel) and I was talking one day.  He said when he was younger, he would take road trips. Usually to Florida. He would go down there and run out of money, and barely have gas to get home.  On the way back he would stop at any convenience store, and pick up a loaf of bread and some potato chips. I remembered doing the same thing. Those were the best sandwiches in the world sometimes. 
And that's where the name came from. 

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