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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wild Bill Lemon Bowl Crockpot Curry

Easy crockpot curry recipe.

Why I Made Curry

It wasn't something I'd go out of my way to make. I'd heard of it. Mostly from Martin Shervington. I think he lives off the stuff. It wasn't that I hadn't had any of it before either. It just wasn't something that had stuck in my head as a must food. If I had to guess, it had probably been 10, maybe 20 years. But I decided it was time to try it again. Revisit it so to speak. I Decided To Use A Crockpot Mainly because it's hard to mess up a crockpot recipe. You can cook anything in it and it comes out OK. There something about the low heat and flavors mixing around all day.  The obvious benefit is that when people eat it, they think that you've slaved over it all day. Especially if you put it in some sort of bowl, pan, etc. before you serve it. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

BarBQue CrockPot Chili with BACON

It's A Completely Meatless Chili

I call this my PETA Pal Chili. That's because except for the ground beef, diced chicken breast, sliced kielbasa, ground sausage, stew beef, cubed pork, ground veal and's completely meatless. I can't take credit for the name though. It was named by a friend of mine. He came over a vegetarian and left a carnivore. 

It's The Aroma

He couldn't help himself. When this stuff gets cooking it's an olfactory delight. Certainly heaven smells like this. And it cooks for about 6 hours. Don't worry though.  You're not going to have to stand over a hot stove or grill. This is cooked in a crockpot. All you have to do is load it up, leave it, stir it, and then eat it. You will, of course, reap the benefits of others 'thinking' you put a lot of effort into it.  Very few things tasting this good require so little work. 

Does It Have Bacon?

Of course it does. It has to. It's the easiest, best, and most filling chili in the world. It's got the best meats in the world. Leaving out bacon wouldn't be prudent. Not only that but +Sherrill Duce and +Maggie Unzueta probably wouldn't eat it without it.  Both of them are bacon aficionados and it's a requirement for any dish that mentions them.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

North End Italian Cookbook Cold Stuffed Eggplant

The North End Italian Cookbook - famous Italian recipes

Eggplant Is Great!

I like eggplant. In fact, I'm growing them in my garden right now.  So when the recipe called for Cold Stuffed Eggplant, I was an easy sale.  The 'cold' part didn't sound that good though.  I thought it was some sort of refrigerated salad thing. But it wasn't. It was clearly a stuffed eggplant, cooked in the oven, and involving meat. 

What About Difficulty

It wasn't the easiest dish I've ever made. And it certainly wasn't the hardest. But it was definitely one of the best.  I'll make this recipe again, soon. I would probably go to someones house and make it for them if they bought the stuff. It really is that good. 

North End Cookbook

My wife's family is Italian. So is this cookbook. It was given to her by Nonni, her mother. It is a well known cookbook. You can still find it on Amazon . It's author Marguerite DiMino Buonopane is well known for her recipes. They are authentic Italian Cuisine. Use any of the links above to read about her.  I like Italian food. I especially like Nonni's Italian food. So I thought I'd make every dish in this cookbook.  I do 'vary' the recipe based on the ingredients on hand, and personal preference. Nonetheless, you can find it below. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

North End Italian Cookbook Antipasta Salad

Why The North End Italian Cookbook?

My wife just got back from visiting her mother, Nonni. She brought back a cook book. My wife's family is Italian. So is the cookbook. As it turns out, this is a well know cookbook. You can still find it on Amazon . It's author Marguerite DiMino Buonopane is well known for her recipes. They are authentic Italian Cuisine. Use any of the links above to read about her.  I like Italian food. I especially like Nonni's Italian food. So I thought I'd make every dish in this cookbook.

Changes In Recipes

I don't always have thinly sliced Genoa salami. Sometimes I just have plain old salami. And even other times I have honey ham.  I'm also a gardener. So I usually have fresh grown grape tomatoes available.  I don't want to get bent out of shape because I don't have an ingredient.  So what I'll do during this process is substitute.  I maybe use beef when something calls for veal.  I may use fresh tabasco peppers rather than tabasco sauce. Forgive me if you ever read this Margauerite. I wasn't trying to improve your recipe.  I was just trying to do the same thing you did.  Cook some food using what I had on hand, and that people would enjoy.  The Antipasto Salad Platter on page one seemed like a good place to start.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Southern Rib Rub BBQ Popcorn

 Just When I Thought I Was Over You

 Since my last post "You Had Me At Savory" I've been struggling with addiction. I thought I had it kicked.  Although I had never quit completely, I had cut down to three bowls a week.  Ok. Sometimes four bowls. But at least it wasn't every day. I no longer had to come up with creative was to satisfy my craving. I didn't have to worry about running out of supplies. I could go days without experiencing the craving.  Not anymore. It's 9:30PM and I need a fix.  So, I'm about to pop. I'll start shaking in about ten minutes.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Perfect Ribs From The Oven (still 12 hours)

I Love Smoked Ribs

Ok. So I gave my smoker away too soon. My son moved out and I thought it would be a good thing for him to have.

My Best Friends Smoker

 A smoker back in the day was a social tool. If you were good at it, people talked about it. It was viral in it's on way. Even though the 'views' were different, they were still there.  Word would get out that you were going to be cooking something on the grill, and somehow people would wind up at your place. So the smoker was as powerful as an X Box 360, or whatever the newest digital hotbox happens to be.

But I Don't Care About Games

What I care about is cooking good food. I care about cooking food that doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out how to make it. Something guys can make. When I no longer had my smoker, I had to figure out how to make them in the oven. Ribbs  can lead to better things. Sometimes ribs are the second best thing you'll have all day.   Spend some time on them and don't rush it. Just like the numero uno thing for the day... you'll both be glad you did.  So keep  reading for the best ribs you can make in an oven.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

World's Best BBQ Ribs Recipe

I Make Damn Good Ribs

Anybody that knows me, knows that I love ribs. I get compliments on them all the time, so I figured this would be the best way to share the recipes and tell you how I prefer to cook them. The steps are numbered… with some other stuff in between.

  1. It Might Be A Long Recipe

But it will be worth it. Just do yourself a favor, and don't cut corners. You'll be glad you did at the end. I would suggest that you cook one rack of ribs more than you think you'll need. The reason for that is that it will give you something to snack on every time you turn them.  Somewhere around hour 8 these ribs will become world class. You could serve them at that time with no complaints. But if you continue to munch on the extra rack, and finish the whole'll go kiss yourself when they are done So here's how you do it