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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Whole Smoked Chicken Recipe

About a year ago my wife turned my smoker into a spice garden. She said it was either that or she would call the fire department. The truth is the dang thing was rusted out. In fact, I'll add a picture of it this post. I think you'll agree it was past it's prime. So this Mothers Day I had a surprise for her. I gave her an Oklahoma Joe Smoker. I'm such a giver. So after making the mods as suggested at Smoking Meat Forums, I fired it up. And I decided to smoke chickens.

Smoking VS Grilling Chicken

Smoking chicken and grilling chicken are two different things. Grilling requires close proximity to hot coals. The cook eyeballs the chicken to determine if it's done or not. Smoking has lower heat and longer cooking times. You can't really eyeball a smoked chicken for doneness.