Monday, June 20, 2016

Hamburger Spinach Surprise

If you are trying to lose weight, and you don't know Tony Mobley, then follow that link. He's lost a lot of weight, and he's been off diabetes meds for over 220 days. And he shows no signs of stopping. But this blog isn't about that. It's about creating a dish from scratch after seeing Tony's delicious plate pictures. I thought.. dang, I grow a lot of that. Why not try it. So I did. And this is the results.

Tony's Spinach Surprise

 I really didn't know where to start. All I see is the pictures he shows. But I knew it had spinach and hamburger in it. I know that because he said it did. I had some lean hamburger meat. So went out to the garden and started grabbing stuff. By the time it was over I had tomatoes, Carmen peppers, purple onions, eggplant, okra, and cucumbers. I grabbed some basil and oregano from my spice garden. 

I Threw It In A Pan

The hamburger went first. While it was cooking I cut up the onions and tossed them in the mix. I also threw in the basil, oregano, and a little sea salt. Once the hamburger was done I chunked in the okra, eggplant, cucumber and spinach. And I cooked it till I thought it was ready.

It Was Fantastic

If you read my blog, you know it ain't about the recipes. It's about cooking. That's it. I don't wear an apron or a top hat. I just cook. We can talk about temperatures, glazes, spices and rubs. But that don't mean anything to an eater. It either tastes good or it don't. And the stuff that don't taste good... figure out what it needs and make it good. And this was fantastic. I really appreciate Tony Mobley giving me the motivation to cook this.

The Final Fork

So basically, what I'm doing right now is eating as much stuff as I can from my garden. I grow a lot of stuff, but in small amounts really. So the key is timing stuff out so that as it becomes 'ready'...there's something else right around the corner. 

About Potato Chip Sandwich

According to some people, men can't tell time, can't follow directions and can't cook. That's simply not true. The owner and author of the site, me..  can cook. This site is simply a way for me to keep up with my recipes without putting it into my other 10 or so blogs. Everything is Google-ized, so it's connected to all my other stuff. This site gets it's name from road trips when I was in my 20's. By the time we would head home all we could afford was a loaf of bread and some potato chips.

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